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Why subscribe to an electric insurance ?

Robust as they are, electrical appliances and technologies are not steadfast. They can be damaged by a rise or fall in current. In some cases, the problem may be a fire or other disaster. Under these conditions, the replacement can prove to be expensive. Fortunately there is another cheaper alternative: electric insurance. This is an excellent alternative to avoid paying a large sum for the repair. Indeed, it is the responsibility of the insurance to cover all costs related to the risks. Thus, there is enough to save money.

Service offers in abundance

Electrical insurance covers all electrical equipment. Examples are everyday devices such as television, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, freezer and more. Apart from these products, it also compensates for high-tech devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. The advantage of subscribing to this insurance is simple: it completes the fire warranty. By way of illustration, in the event of an explosion due to an electrical appliance, the home insurance will only cover the damage caused by the fire, not the replacement or repair of the appliance. The offers relating to the electrical damage guarantee are numerous. Many companies offer interesting formulas. Nevertheless, it is always better to choose the best module adapted to your needs. If possible, it is important to visit establishments offering different packages, legal and secure services, such as Planet Assurance. But what is the planet-insurance pack protect-elec? This is a module available in this insurance company which aims to guarantee claims due to appliances or electrical installations.

Guarantees offered by insurers

Before subscribing to electric insurance, it is always important to learn about the damage covered. Contrary to what we think, the insurer does not support all the damage caused by the device. Indeed, it depends on the origin of the disaster. If this is due to a rise or fall in voltage, then he will be responsible for the repair. This is also the case where the problem comes from an electrical installation fault. In general, it deals with troubleshooting if the concern is due to the power supply, even if there had been a fire or explosion. However, the insurance company refuses to compensate when the damage comes from a defect or a manufacturing defect of the device. It is also excused to repair if the problem comes from the internet mechanism of the electrical or technological product. In addition, it may also reduce the amount of compensation to be allocated if the damaged equipment was already in poor condition before the accident. In this case, the insured can not force him to pay the equivalent of his value to nine.

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