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What to entrust to your accountant ?

Contrary to popular belief, the services of an accountant in Saint-Gilles are not only reserved for companies. Artists, athletes and even private individuals may need this kind of service. Point.

Your accounting books

For companies in particular, a chartered accountant in Saint-Gilles will be in charge of accounting books. It will use Belgian accounting formulas and rules to ensure the balance of debits and credits. This is of crucial importance for the good development and sustainability of the business. Good bookkeeping also aims to ensure the success of audits.

Today, the accounting entry is no longer solely the prerogative of an internal accounting employee. It is possible for very small companies, SMEs and very large companies, to subcontract this part, or even the entire financial aspect of their company.

The payment of your expenses

The accountant in Saint-Gilles can also take care of the payment of all charges. This may be the bill of rent, or for individuals, artists and other subscriptions of all kinds. In other words, this kind of provider will be responsible for managing your accounts.

It is necessary to give him a power of attorney to access your assets in order to guarantee the payment ruby on nails of your charges and thus avoid the disappointments. In return, the accountant agrees to provide you with a real-time account of the movements on your account. This also allows you to follow the evolution of your financial situation.

Managing your savings

Expert in the management of finances, the accountant can also be in charge of your savings and your many investments. It will not only be good advice for finding the best investment, but will ensure its profitability.

The interest on your savings account varies depending on the bank where you have subscribed. An accountant in Saint-Gilles will be able to advise you better on the best alternatives of the market. Like brokers, he can even play his relationship to negotiate for you better deals.

As a reminder, savings are long-term investments that offer you an average yield of 1% depending on the type of booklet. It’s a bank account that is open to both minors and over 21s. Capital gains value every year and remains available for possible withdrawals, unlike life insurance.

Your tax declaration

Finally, to make sure, make no mistake in your annual tax returns, an accountant in Saint-Gilles is an ally not to minimize. As the manager of your assets, whether you are a corporation or a natural person, he will be responsible for completing and returning the return. He will take into account your income, your expenses, your deductions if there are any before you sign the document and send it to the authorities.

The tax declaration is one of the most complicated procedures in Belgium. And the slightest mistake can cost you a fine of several thousand Belgian euros, even years in prison. Reason why call an expert is required.

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