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Property insurance is carefully chosen

The borrower insurance is most often solicited by the banks before they grant any mortgage. One has the choice to opt for the contract proposed by the bank itself or to appeal to an external insurance company. Although it is not mandatory, the borrower is fully entitled to make this provision to avoid litigation related to a death, a work stoppage (work accident, depression related to the profession, etc.). , disability, etc. What must we know before subscribing? How do you know if the benefits of a company are reliable or not?

What does it take to have a suitable property insurance ?

When we decide to apply for a home loan to help us complete our construction or real estate purchase projects, loan insurance intervenes to avoid any problems that may arise when the person in question is not more able to repay the credits. This is when the insurance company must take over. The first thing to do before any procedure is to get information on the subject, either online or from recognized professionals. One can also take the option to inquire with the hulking phone number, an insurance company that focuses on the interest of its customers.

The criteria to consider before choosing a property insurance

Generally, lenders claim insurance companies to cover death, loss of autonomy, which may involve unfitness to work, and incapacity. Job loss is most often optional. The company guaranteeing the loan insurance must present us with a list of the necessary documents, an information sheet allowing us to make a comparison and a personalized form including the criteria relating to each case (maximum of 11 criteria for deaths and disabilities and 4 for job loss). If you choose to opt for another company than the one offered by the lending institution, you must ensure that the contract is up to the level of guarantee required by the lending institution.

The possibility of a resilient real estate insurance contract

One of the questions that often arises is the possibility of breaking the premarket insurance contract. Sometimes we can find insurance companies offering more interesting offers, so we want to know if we can cancel his insurance borrower. It is possible to do so, subject to certain conditions, especially within 12 months of signing the contract. In addition, you should always pay attention to the content of the guarantees, especially since the compensation may vary according to various criteria, such as the degree of disability. You also have to think about putting your loan to maturity before you retire.

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