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Outsourcing of accounting in Belgium: what are the advantages ?

A company is not obliged to subcontract its accounting, that is to say to use the services offered by a chartered accountant in Belgium. It can also make the decision to manage it internally. When she chooses the outsourcing of her accounting, she can appear total or partial. In addition, working with an accounting specialist is not taken to lightness. In most cases, VSEs and SMEs are moving towards outsourcing the maintenance of their accounts with a professional figure. This article presents you with a complete listing about outsourcing accounting.

Highlights of Outsourcing Accounting

The fact of entrusting its accountancy to an accountant in Saint-Gilles, Ixelles, Brussels and Watermael-Boitsfort allows the company to entrust its accounts to a competent specialist. This also allows the entrepreneur to devote more time to doing his own job and possibly not having to hire other staff for internal accounting management.

When a company prefers to outsource its accounting, it has the choice between various solutions. Also, it can be done solely for the benefit of a professional figure who has a monopoly in this area. Indeed, the management of accounting is based on many tasks, which essentially allows to provide a sort of custom classification.

The main works that can be managed internally or outsourced are:

– Enter the accounts and record current transactions such as VAT returns, the accounting treatment of payroll, cash, sales, overheads, purchases, etc.

– Manage tax effectively (CVAE, VAT)

– Perform the lettering of all accounts

– Perform inventory work such as the accounting audit, the recording of the end of the year

– Prepare the annual accounts and the tax package.

Accounting outsourcing contract

The fact of entrusting the accounting of a company to an accounting professional is concretized after the ratification and conclusion of a contract with the accountant in Saint-Gilles. In terms of accounting, this convention is called mission letter. In general, a digit expert’s engagement letter should include a number of tasks such as:

– Conditions for terminating tasks

– The missions carried out by the professional accountant and those that are separated between the company and the latter

– The total sum of the fees

– The accounting year from which the accounting applies

– The nature of the tasks that the accountant is required to carry out

Cost related to outsourcing of accounting

The outsourcing of accounting tasks has a price the average fees applied by the accountant amounts to 80 euros per hour. This rate is indicated tax not included. The mastery of the tariff associated with the outsourcing of the accounting of a company passes essentially by a distribution of the missions. For example, it may be appropriate to deal with the periodic maintenance of the accounts and to request the services of a professional figure to establish the annual accounts.

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