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Open your business in Ixelles, the good to know

In Ixelles, in 2013, this unemployment rate was 20%. And the situation does not seem to get any better nowadays in this Belgian commune. To overcome this situation and return to an active life, more and more individuals are looking to start their own business. Here are some good to know on the subject if you intend to start your turn.

Start the registration process at the RCS : the tips

You must apply for registration with the RCS: Register of Commerces and Companies. You need to gather a number of documents to do this: the manager’s identity documents, the address of the head office, the status and even a professional RIB, etc.

To facilitate the process, call a financial expert. The latter will also help you to write the status of your company. This will guarantee its success and quality and will accelerate the opening of your business.

From now on, the accounting firm can offer you tailor-made support during the administrative procedures for the creation of your company. He will suggest a particular adviser to do this.

An effective financing plan : some tips

To start your business, you will need a good financing plan. If saving money is a good idea to avoid getting into debt, it may take time. Also, banking services remain the most logical alternative. This is all the more true as consumer credit rates have fallen in recent years.

A professional credit opens the door to tens of thousands of euros, repayable by quarter and in a few years. Use a Belgian bank for this kind of financing. This type of establishment offers only residents.

In addition to the pro credit, you also have microloans that can finance all or part of your project. But in this case, the success of your application will depend on your ability to sell and sell your project or not.

Outsource the financial aspect of the company : why ?

For starters, you are also advised to outsource the financial aspect of your business. Online, an outsourcing of public accounting in Ixelles is very popular. It is a way like any other in order to minimize expenses, but also to ensure the good management of the company of its assets. In addition, outsourcing costs less and is easier to manage. It is a service provision and not a social law contract, which exposes you to lesser obligations.

However, you should not entrust your accounting to anyone. Whoever claims to have studied law will not necessarily do the trick. It takes an experienced, open, friendly accountant and good advice. There is also a provider who is available on a wide range of hours and who will be familiar with the standards in force in Belgium.

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