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All about car rental insurance

Renting a car reveals a practical solution for a weekend or for a long-term holiday. However, it is important to take out car rental insurance to cover itself in the event of a loss, otherwise the renter driver himself will incur all the expenses related to the possible damages which can cost very expensive.

The basic insurance offered by the renters

The minimum that each renter must offer is obligatorily the liability insurance (RC). This only covers the repair of damage to the other car, its driver and passengers in the event of an accident. The cover does not concern the rental car or the tenant driver.


In addition to liability insurance, renters can offer services accompanied by deductibles. The deductible is only applicable if the renter driver is partially or totally responsible for the incident. If the rental car insurance contract provides for a deductible, the auto renter will only pay the deductible, otherwise all amounts relating to the accident will remain in his charge in the event of an accident.

The franchise may vary from one lessor to another, the amount of the franchise or the conditions of application (ceilings and claims concerned) must be determined before the signing of the lease. It should be noted that the model of rented car has an influence on the amount of the deductible. For a luxury car, the amount is often higher than a city car.

It is advisable to make an inventory of the vehicle and to formalize in writing any anomaly found before any commitment. This avoids the payment of a heavy deductible to the return of the car.

Additional insurance

Taking into account the journeys to be made and the risks that may arise, it is possible to extend the guarantees of car insurance to cover theft, breakdowns, punctures or even breakage of ice and many more.

The different forms of rental auto insurance

– Damage Waiver or CDW Collision is the property damage benefit which consists of buying back one-third of the franchise. This formula costs 20 euros per day when it is a class A or B car and reaches 100 euros for the most luxurious.

– Theft Protection or TP is the guarantee of theft. There is yet another insurance for vandalism called TPC, and also a very expensive franchise that includes theft and vandalism guarantees.

– Personal Accident and Baggage Insurance or PAI is the individual guarantee of the driver and his passengers in case of bodily injury. Medical and technical assistance will be provided by the insurance company.

– Supercover or SCDW is the complete guarantee of damage and theft. This formula is the most powerful and protective.

If the renter driver already has car insurance :

You must check the insurance contract with the insurer if the rental case is included in the contract to cover the bodily injury of the driver when he drives a rental car. It also happens that some contracts buy the insurance companies from the lessors. This implies that the insurer will take care of the payment of the sums that the renter leaves to the load of the tenant driver in case of disaster.

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