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Accountant, how to compare benefits ?

Admittedly, there is a trend towards accounting outsourcing. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to entrust the accounts of your company to the first comer. Comparing offers not only guarantees the security of your accounting data, but also the good development of your company. Also, it will be necessary to compare the offers before signing. Back on details to take into account to do this.

The quality of services

To choose your accountant in Ixelles, Saint-Gilles, Brussels or Watermael-Boitsfort, it will be necessary beforehand to base you on the quality of the services. An accountant is responsible for all the financial aspects of your company. He pays the rent and the various expenses of the company. He manages the accounting book and the financial files of all kinds. It participates in investment or merger decisions, as these may have an impact on the company’s accounts. And in addition, he will be of great support in the various administrative procedures, and this, from the request to open your company.

But be careful, in respect of Belgian ethical rules, the accounting subcontractor can not use the accounts of the company for his own needs. It engages its civil and criminal liability in the protection of your financial data.

The availability

The advantage of an accounting subcontract is to have a service provider available to you on a wider range of hours, without having to become familiar with the overtime rules. This availability can also serve you in the search for the best accounting firm.

All contacts will be via internet: private chat, video call, email, etc. This will make things easier and speed up the handling of your requests. You could even enjoy a real-time update of your account books and receipts to that effect.

Reputation and years of profession

Of course, nothing beats reputation and years of business to compare well the offers of the accounting subcontractors. These are the guarantees of the quality of the services. In addition, years of experience can reassure you as to the real skills of your provider. No one can boast staying on the market by offering poor services.

However, it will be necessary to make sure that the accounting firm proposes recycling to its service providers each year. The same goes for the legality of your services and the success of your accounting management. Some changes may indeed occur in the field of Belgian accounting.

The specialisation

And finally, choose a professional expert in your industry. And for good reason, the standards for artist accounting management will be different from those for a real estate company or a traditional TPE. For the quality of services and a certain thoroughness in the processing of your books, learn about the specialization of accountants is required. This is the advantage of having an accounting firm. The latter has several experts, specialized in different fields, who can accompany you for years.

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